⚖️Allocation & Distribution

Distribution of circulating $FAI supply.


This page outlines the distribution of the $FAI token, along with a breakdown of any vesting and/or scheduled token releases.

  • Burn 30%

  • Staking 8%

  • Ecosystem 4%

  • Presale 16%

  • Liquidity 8%

  • Launch Partners/CEX 12%

  • Airdrop 7%

  • Team 5%


  1. Liquidity Pool provisioned through Uniswap, locked with PinkLock. Update w/ Link - somebody remind me if i miss this.

  2. Presale 16% of supply is available to early presale participants through our presale partner PinkSale.

  3. Team Team supply will unlock to a multisig wallet (Safe, formerly Gnosis) on the same vesting schedule as bootstrapping partners, 1% of supply will be unlocked for claiming over a 4 week cliff period. Update w/ Etherscan link to the wallet - remind me pls.

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