Data Transparency Statement

A brief outline of our data protection and transparency report.


Protecting user details and information through decentralised endpoints enables us to offer a rapid trading environment without the overhead of maintaining and securing a traditional user database - this means we neither require nor store any personal details, payment data or private keys across any of our products.

The data that we do collect and store, along with how we store that data, can be found in our Data Transparency Report.

To ensure our users are fully informed, we provide a comprehensive Data Transparency Report that outlines:

  • The types of data we collect

  • The purpose behind the data collection

  • Methods we use for storing and protecting the data

  • How users can access and manage their data

To access the latest Data Transparency Report, click here.

User Data Management

At FuturesAI, user control over personal data is paramount. We've implemented several features that allow users to manage their data:

  • Data Access: Users can request a copy of all their data stored on our platform.

  • Data Rectification: If the information is incorrect or incomplete, users can update their data.

  • Data Erasure: Users have the right to request the deletion of their data from our platform.

Note: While FuturesAI does not collect personal information, the platform does use anonymized data for enhancing the user experience and improving the services offered.

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