Development Runway

Current development schedule from the FuturesAI Engineering team


Our journey at FuturesAI is marked by continuous innovation and improvement. So theres constantly updates being made across the board, from user experience in the bot, and new features like trailing profits, to us building out a fully featured web dapp.

That means that a traditional development roadmap where we try and envision the next four quarters, we'll instead take it a month at a time, and lsit our key focus areas and goals for the month ahead - there may be some detours as we tackle and fix user-reported bugs, there may be some side roads as we implement community-suggested features - so here's a runway that outlines our key focus areas, rollouts and milestones we'll be hitting over the next month.


Launch Day

  • Goal: Kick off our journey with the assembly of a dedicated group of alpha testers.

  • Objective: To rigorously test our platform’s core features and ensure stability and usability.

Alpha Test Phase

  • Duration: Immediate post-launch period.

  • Focus: Gathering critical feedback on user experience and system performance.

Open Public Beta

  • Milestone: Transition from alpha to a broader public beta phase, opening up the platform for more extensive testing and feedback.

Announce Leverage Beta Access

  • Development: Introduction of an NFT-based (need to finalize art, and contract) access model for our leverage beta, adding an exclusive layer for early supporters.

  • Requirement: Holding a specific NFT to join the leverage beta..

Staking DApp/Dashboard

  • Development: Finalizing and launching the staking DApp/dashboard.

  • Feature: A seamless interface for users to stake their $FAI tokens.

100/500 NFT Mint

  • Event: Minting the first 100 out of 500 NFTs, with a limit of 0.1 - 1 NFT per wallet, fostering initial engagement and exclusivity.

Leverage Beta Live for NFT Holders

  • Launch: Making the leverage beta available to NFT holders, providing early access to our innovative trading features.

ETH Staking Leverage Pool Revenue Yield Launch

  • Initiative: Introducing ETH staking for the leverage pool, offering users a dynamic yield based on platform revenue and market conditions.

200/500 NFT Mint

  • Expansion: Releasing an additional 200 NFTs for minting, this time removing the wallet limit to broaden participation.

  • Note: Continuation of the beta phase during this period to refine features and incorporate user feedback.

Looking Ahead

As we progress through these milestones, our focus remains on delivering a platform that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our community. The integration of NFTs, the introduction of a staking dashboard, and the continuous expansion of our platform's capabilities are just the beginning.

We're committed to transparency and innovation at every step, ensuring that FuturesAI remains at the forefront of the decentralized finance movement.

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