🔑Redeem an Invite Code

Redeeming your FuturesAI Invite Code


To enhance security and ensure a smooth beta testing period, trading features on FuturesAI require an invite code to access. Finding and redeeming an invite code is a simple process designed to integrate seamlessly with our user-friendly platform. Follow the detailed instructions below to activate your trading capabilities on the FuturesAI bot.

How to Redeem an Invite Code

Redeeming your invite code is the key to unlocking the full capabilities of the FuturesAI trading bot. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process from start to finish:

  1. Initiate Interaction:

    • Open your Telegram app and search for the FuturesAI bot (@TradeWithFAI_bot).

    • Send the /start command to activate the bot’s main menu. This will prompt the bot to display a range of options.

  2. Navigate to Redeem Option:

    • From the bot’s main menu, select the option “Redeem my invite code.” This will prepare the bot to receive your unique code.

  3. Enter Your Invite Code:

    • You will be prompted to send your invite code as a direct message to the bot. Carefully type or paste your code into the message box and send it.

  4. Confirmation of Activation:

    • Once your code is submitted, the bot will verify its validity. If your invite code is recognized as valid, you will receive a confirmation message stating that your account has been successfully activated.

    • If there is any issue with the code, you’ll be informed, and you may need to verify the code and try again or contact support for further assistance.

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