Native Yield

Native management of ETH to $FAI yield.


Our platform is not just a marketplace for trading and earning; it's a constantly evolving ecosystem designed to increase the intrinsic value and utility of the $FAI token, our native currency. A key component of this strategy is the commitment to use a portion of our revenue for the systematic buyback of $FAI tokens. These buybacks are strategically executed at random events, triggered when certain financial thresholds are met. By doing so, we aim to support positive price movement and enhance market liquidity, ensuring a stable and flourishing environment for all users.

The majority of the repurchased $FAI tokens are subsequently burned, reducing the overall supply and increasing the token's scarcity and potential value. Meanwhile, a carefully allocated portion is reinvested into the ecosystem through rewards and adoption programs, such as airdrops, to incentivize usage and attract new participants to our platform.

Managing $FAI Buybacks

The process of managing $FAI token buybacks is meticulously designed to ensure transparency, fairness, and effectiveness in supporting the token's market dynamics. The strategy includes:

  1. Revenue Allocation: A predefined percentage of the platformโ€™s revenue is earmarked specifically for the purpose of buying back $FAI tokens. This ensures a consistent financial mechanism to support the tokenโ€™s economy without impacting the platform's operational integrity.

  2. Thresholds for Buyback Events: Buyback events are triggered by specific financial thresholds, which are determined based on the platform's performance and market conditions. This approach allows for adaptability and strategic timing to maximize the impact of each buyback.

  3. Execution of Buybacks: The actual purchase of $FAI tokens is conducted through market transactions, ensuring transparency and fairness in the process. These events are random to prevent manipulation and to provide an equitable opportunity for all participants in the ecosystem.

What Happens with the $FAI?

Once the $FAI tokens are bought back, their allocation is carefully managed to support the token's long-term value and the platform's growth:

  1. Token Burning: The majority of the purchased tokens are burned, permanently reducing the total supply of $FAI. This action is intended to increase scarcity, bolster token value, and demonstrate our commitment to the token's long-term viability.

  2. Ecosystem Rewards and Adoption Programs: A strategic portion of the acquired $FAI tokens is reserved for ecosystem rewards and adoption initiatives, such as airdrops. These programs are designed to reward active users, attract new participants, and stimulate engagement and transaction volume on the platform.

By balancing token scarcity with strategic reinvestment into the ecosystem, we ensure that the value of the $FAI token is not only preserved but enhanced. This comprehensive strategy underscores our commitment to our users' success and the long-term prosperity of the platform.

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