Revenue Share

Earn a share of platform revenue with FuturesAI.


In the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading, our platform stands out not just for its cutting-edge technology and seamless trading experience but also for its commitment to empowering its users financially. At the core of our innovative approach is the $FAI token, a pivotal element that allows our community members to partake in the platform's success. Through a revolutionary revenue-sharing model, we are redefining participation in crypto trading platforms. Holders of the $FAI token have the unique opportunity to stake their tokens and, in return, receive a share of the profits generated from trading fees. This feature underscores our belief in a decentralized, community-driven future where every stakeholder benefits directly from the platform's growth and success.

How it Works

The revenue sharing model is designed to be as straightforward as it is rewarding. It hinges on the staking of $FAI tokens, our platform's native cryptocurrency, within the investor dashboard. Here's how it unfolds:

  1. Token Staking: Users begin by staking their $FAI tokens through a simple and intuitive process in the investor dashboard. This action signifies their participation in the revenue-sharing pool.

  2. Revenue Generation: As trades are executed on the platform, trading fees are collected. Unlike traditional platforms where fees contribute solely to the platform's revenue, here, they play a much larger role. A portion of these collected fees, denominated in Ethereum (ETH), is allocated to the revenue-sharing pool.

  3. Claiming Rewards: The staked $FAI tokens serve as a key to unlock a share of the accumulated fees. The size of an individual's share is directly proportional to the amount of $FAI they have staked relative to the total staked tokens. Users can claim their share of ETH directly from the dashboard at their convenience.

  4. Continuous Participation: The beauty of this model lies in its cyclical nature. Users can choose to reinvest their earned ETH by converting it back to $FAI tokens and increasing their stake, thus potentially earning a larger share of the revenue pool in the future.

This model not only fosters a sense of community and shared purpose but also aligns the interests of the platform and its users. It encourages active participation and long-term engagement, creating a vibrant ecosystem where everyone has the opportunity to prosper.

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