Finding your invite code

Find your FuturesAI Partner Program code


At FuturesAI, we understand the importance of expanding our community through your networks, which is why we've made accessing and sharing your invite code as straightforward as possible.

Finding Your Invite Code

To ensure that all our users can easily invite new traders to the FuturesAI platform, we've integrated the invite code system directly into our user-friendly interface. Follow these simple steps to find your invite code:

  1. Navigate to My Account:

    • Start by logging into the FuturesAI bot. Access the main menu and select the 'My Account' option. This section is your gateway to various account settings and features, including your referral information.

  2. Go to Referrals:

    • Within the 'My Account' menu, find and select 'Referrals'. This dedicated area provides everything related to your referral activities.

  3. Access Your Invite Code:

    • Once in the 'Referrals' section, the bot will display your unique invite code. This code is what you'll share with friends and potential new users who wish to join FuturesAI.

  4. Start Sharing:

    • With your invite code in hand, you can begin inviting others to join the platform. Each new user who signs up using your code will be linked to your account, contributing to your benefits as part of the FuturesAI Partnership Program.

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